Health Assembly

Once upon a time…

Scores of epic tales begin with those four words, but words aren't enough to make a story great. The best stories require a hero to face risk, danger, and obstacles. Those are the stories that remain in our souls and inspire action.

And so it is with our own lives. 

We have the capacity to design, imagine, and inspire, but not without facing risk, disappointment, and even failure. It's only by persevering—despite turmoil and tragedy—that our story transforms into something truly great. Let's celebrate that.

At Mennonite Health Assembly 2018 we are Celebrating Resilience. Come - be refreshed, encouraged, surprised, and delighted by stories of persistence told through spoken word and creative movements. Be equipped with knowledge and tools you need to face life's obstacles with peace and confidence.


Join MHS on Thursday, March 8, 2018 - Saturday, March 10, 2018

Sheraton Pittsburgh Hotel at Station Square 
300 West Station Square Drive
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15219
United States 
(412) 261-2000

Phone: (574)523-3049 Email:


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Full Event: 

Individual: $619               Accompanying Spouse: $345               Presenter: $519                First-Timer: $515

Student/Committee/Emerging Leader: $195              Group Rate: First three pay $619, all subsequent attendees pay $515

Day Passes:

Thursday Only: $175               Friday Only: $335               Saturday Only: $175

More Info

This year’s gathering is truly different than any prior: We are crafting a surprise-filled weekend of interactive and immersive programming, designed to both educate and energize.

Our request for stories and learning lab proposals for Assembly 2018 yielded excellent results. The Planning Committee greatly enjoyed reading your submissions. On behalf of our team, thank you to those who took the time to share.

If you find you are often looking for creative ways to tackle big ideas with your employees or constituents - ideas like this year’s Assembly theme, Celebrating Resilience - then you’ll love what is in store. 

For those looking for our usual excellent training for board members, you’ll find those resources too.  

Read more from Assembly Coordinator, Vanessa Hofer, here.

Details on our Creative Guests, Event Schedule, Keynote StorytellersLearning LabsLodging & Transportation, and Pre-Assembly Event can be accessed from the side menu. 


Mennonite Health Assembly is co-sponsored by MHS and Everence.