Leadership Programs

MHS offers many inspiring opportunities for leadership development.

Whether you're new to your leadership role, need some wise counsel for a tough situation, or are simply looking to hone your skills, MHS has a resource for you.


Modern executives face a multitude of challenges – from daily operational concerns to long-term strategic planning issues. Imagine a safe, nurturing environment where CEOs can build and develop peer-to-peer relationships through the guidance of a skilled facilitator.

"Executive Circle is the only place where I can honestly talk about the challenges of being an executive of a faith-based organization."

The MHS Executive Circle is a one year program devoted to encouraging and mentoring CEOs as they lead non-profit organizations. In addition to two face-to-face sessions, you will benefit from access to relevant books and articles. Most importantly, you will create an intimate, trusted network of peers whose counsel, input, and advice will guide you for years to come.

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Faced with a challenging situation? Are you considering a bold change or new initiative? Have you been wondering how to solve an ongoing problem? Turn to our trusted team for a peer consultation. Present your idea or problem to Clare Krabill and our staff will assist you in arranging and coordinating a consultation.

A typical peer consultation involves document review, a one to two day site visit, and a brief written report summary complete with recommendations.

The host organization pays expenses for travel, lodging, and meals for the site visit. MHS consultation team members donate their time, making this a timely, affordable way to gain valuable new perspectives and build relationships with trusted peers.


Exchange ideas and information with industry colleagues who have similar values and goals. Affinity networks are formed based on member request. For more information, contact info@mhsonline.org.

  • Chaplains — East Coast
    Meets twice each year, spring and fall, at various locations, in collaboration with Mennonite Chaplains Association.

  • Chaplains — Midwest
    Meets three times each year in January, April & September at Greencroft in Goshen, Indiana.

  • Executive Assistants

Meets periodically by phone and video conference.

  • Human Resources—East Coast
    Meets twice a year, spring and fall, in various locations.

  • Human Resources —Kansas
    Meets three times a year, spring and fall, in various locations.

  • Spiritual Life Coordinators for Intellectual and Developmental Disability Programs

Meets periodically by video conference.

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