Preserving your organization’s mission is key to future success.

MHS and its members encourage the thoughtful integration of core values into your organizational culture. From hiring new employees to selecting new board members, it’s essential to have a plan in place for conveying your history, your mission, and your guiding ideals with all stakeholders. This handy list of tools and links will get you started on the right path. Please contact Chris Rahe with any resources you would like to add to our growing pool of knowledge.

Free Study Guides & Videos

  • Watch:  The Quickest Ever DVD Guide to Anabaptists and their Values

  • Free download:  Study Guide to The Quickest Ever DVD Guide to Anabaptists and Their Values

  • Free download:  Study Guide to A Quick Guide to Anabaptist Values

  • Sensitive Conversations: MHS has carefully prepared this special resource packet for boards and senior leaders as you process complex challenges brought about by changing laws and regulations. The packet includes guidelines for searching conversations in the board room, a legal overview, suggestions for managing communication and public relations, items to consider for policy development, and a list of resources for further study and reflection.

Please feel free to contact MHS at any time to share the struggles your organization might be facing. Our trusted team is poised to assist you in discernment, discussion, and decision-making.

Resources For Purchase

  • A Quick Guide to Anabaptist Values (for MHS Organizations) [Table of Contents]

  • Setting the Agenda: Meditations for the Organization's Soul 

  • Resources for Grief. If your organization serves people in times of sadness and loss, consider Resources for Grief as an affordable way to provide personalized, supportive, and compassionate support without creating your own materials. Resources for Grief offers letters, educational resources, cards, and a support group manual.

*MHS has negotiated discounted pricing for members. Visit Resources for Grief and enter MHS-RFG on the pricing page.