Consulting Conversation

Consulting Conversation

An ongoing dialogue full of advice and observations from our exceptional team of consultants.

A Conversation with Consultant and CEO Karen Lehman
May 8, 2018

As I step into my new role as CEO of MHS, I’m most excited about getting to know each of our member organizations—learning the mission and vision of each community and understanding their hopes for the future. I’ve already gained new insights through the member visits I’ve conducted over the past few days, and I truly believe that by attentively listening we will learn new ways of thinking about MHS and how we might better serve our members in the future.

I'm also excited about the strategic direction our consulting group is taking under our new Managing Director, Alisa Miller. As we assess our core services and constituency, I’m looking forward to what new opportunities might be on the horizon. Having been an MHS consultant and now serving as MHS CEO, I’m appreciating this new perspective that allows me to walk in the shoes of our member organizations CEOs. Understanding dynamics of both the board table and C-suit has equipped me to support our clients in uniquely empathic ways.

But what does all this have to do with you? As MHS Consulting clients and potential clients, I want you to know that there is tremendous depth in our practice beyond what is easily visible to most. The qualifications and experience of MHS consultants is incredible. We have persons who carry an in-depth understanding of challenges to organizations, and we have built a team that is more capable than ever of authentically meaningful work.

I truly believe the reason our Consulting team adds so much value for our clients is because this work is in our hearts. It's not about getting the job and winning the contract; for us it’s about bringing out Anabaptist, faith-based lens to everything we do and treating every client as though they're our one and only. It’s evident to me that the people who choose to work with us know they're going to get personal service, which in turn makes them wonderful to for us to work with!

So I thank you for taking this MHS Consulting journey with us. I have high hopes for our future and am looking forward to sitting down to talk with each of you soon. In the meantime, be in touch with our Consulting office anytime at or 574-534-9689.

Onward together.

Karen Lehman