Executive Circle

Executive Circle will return in 2019

“The Circle provides time away to reflect, where sage, veteran CEOs encourage the integration of Anabaptist values into organizations, the strengthening of our governance processes, and the building of our senior teams. The Circle has been a centering experience in my life - both professionally and personally - for which I am grateful to God." J David Yoder, Sunnyside Village

“I’ve come back to Executive Circle year after year because I can talk about my challenges with a trusted group. It’s nice that there are a few other regular participants, but it’s also great to have new people join each year to add new perspectives.” Paul Ewert, Beth Haven

The MHS Executive Circle is a one-year program devoted to encouraging and mentoring Chief Executive MHS members as they lead non-profit organizations. It's held over two, twenty-four hour sessions where leaders can learn, seek guidance, network, find inspiration and be encouraged.

To pre-register for 2019, contact julie@mhsonline.org

Check back for more details. In the meantime, have a look at 2017's program for an idea of what to expect in 2019. 



Samuel Zeller