Governance Resources

MHS and MHS Consulting offer a wealth of resources to strengthen and extend the mission of your organization through a strong Board of Directors. See our list of resources below that should give you a good start to developing your board. Not finding the resources or topic you were searching for? Reach out to our public relations manager Chris Rahe to make a governance resource request. 

MHS Board Self Assessment

Looking for a board assessment tool that integrates your mission and values in the process? MHS Consulting conducts Board Self Assessments through our unique Board Self Assessment tool. Look through a sample tool below or reach out to Twila Albrecht for more information about using this tool at your organization. 

Board Self Assessment

MHS CEO Performance Assessment

MHS Consulting offers MHS members and non-members CEO assessments through our customized CEO Performance Assessment tool. Click through our sample below and follow up with Twila Albrecht to learn more about this tool or to schedule an assessment today.  

CEO Performance Assessments 

MHS Original Resources

MHS has created the following resources to better serve our members and those interested in board development. Please take a look at the resources & tools below for reference. 

CEO Succession Planning Toolkit

Board Member Recruitment 

On-boarding a New Board Member 

Board Governance Committee Duties

Board Works

Board Works is a periodical containing short articles on governance topics to share with your board. 

Additional Governance Resources

Promising Practices in Governance:



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