Ins / Risk Management

MHS Brings Like-Minded Organizations Together:

With access to our trusted experts in insurance and risk management solutions, our members gain savings and peace of mind. These collaborative enterprises meet pressing needs - from medical coverage and compliance to workers compensation. We have created several member-owned programs among MHS members, as well as through Peace Church collaborations with Friends Services for the Aging and the Fellowship of Brethren Homes.

Peace Church refers to groups that advocate pacifism. The historic peace churches include:

  • Church of the Brethren

  • Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)

  • Mennonites, Brethren in Christ, Amish and other Anabaptist denominations

Working through Resource Partners enables MHS to offer access to a wide variety of insurance products and services. While Resource Partners provide executive management for many of the Peace Church programs, MHS holds a seat on the boards of Resource Partners and on each of the member-owned Peace Church programs to ensure alignment with our core values. Visit to learn more.

Employee Health Benefits

Providing cost-effective employee health benefits continues to be a struggle for many businesses and non-profits. MHS offers two options for members with 50 or more insurance-eligible employees:

The Medical Expense Plan (MEP) is a self-funded church plan sponsored by MHS and available to qualified MHS members. The plan encourages member organizations to work together to improve employee health and manage medical expenses.

  • Good stewardship of resources

  • Risk sharing among trusted partners

  • Governed by the members, managing for long-term benefit​

Three self-funding options with different capitalization requirements are available:

  • Self-funded Pooled - Participants own and manage the plan. The groups share risks and pay claims from a common reserve, funded by upfront capital requirements.

  • Employer Self-funded - allows a group to manage its own plan, with support from a third-party administrator and use of a reinsurance carrier for stop-loss coverage.

  • Self-funded Cooperative - allows a group to share risk after each employer pays its own lower level claims. Less upfront capital is required compared to the Self-funded Pooled option. Stop-loss reinsurance provides protection for high claims.​

Contact Karl Sommers at to compare the Medical Expense Plan options to your current plan and discover the difference.

Peace Church Health Insurance Program (PCHIP); a member-owned medical benefits program available to members of MHS, the Fellowship of Brethren Homes, and Friends Services for the Aging. Must have 50 or more employees active in their health benefits program and be willing to commit to active health risk management.

  • Member-owned and governed for alignment with Peace Church values

  • Customized plan design selected by each member

  • Claims covered through a combination of self-insurance, shared risk and reinsurance

  • Shared values shape a commitment to wellness and health risk management

          Contact Russ Shaner at or call 717-293-7840 to see if PCHIP is right for you.


Other Insurance Resources

Peace Church Property Insurance Trust (PCPIT); fully insured group program offering property, automobile and crime coverages for Peace Church aging services organizations. PCPIT is available to aging services members of MHS, the Fellowship of Brethren Homes and Friends Services for the Aging. Contact Charlotte Hess, or call 717-293-7840.

Peace Church Risk Retention Group (PCRRG); member-owned provider of general and professional liability insurance for Peace Church aging services organizations. A member-elected board engages qualified professionals to provide management and day to day functions. Costs are stabilized through proactive risk management. Since 2004, members have received more than $14 million in returned premiums. PCRRG is available to prospective members based on the following criteria:

  • Membership in MHS, the Fellowship of Brethren Homes or Friends Services for the Aging.

  • Having a five year organizational history, unless affiliated with another PCRRG participant.

  • Able to make a capital contribution.

  • Willing to commit to PCRRG risk management philosophy and policies.

Contact Phil Leaman at or call 717-293-7840.

Peace Church Workers Safety Program (PCWSP); member-owned, self-insured workers compensation program offered to Peace Church-related organizations. Available to Peace Church organizations with workers compensation premiums of at least $50,000 and a willingness to participate in the member commitments to make the program successful.

  • Member-owned and governed for high quality, cost-efficiency and values-grounded operations.

  • Claims are covered through a combination of shared risk and reinsurance.

  • Members commit to careful loss control, working together on claims management, service partner selection and shared learning.

Contact Phil Leaman at or call 717-293-7840.


Compliance & Risk Management Resources

MHS enjoys a longstanding relationship with Friends Services for the Aging which offers MHS members access to the Peace Church Compliance and Peace Church Risk Management Programs.

The Peace Church Compliance Program assists aging services providers in working within the laws and regulations related to Medicare and Medicaid.

  • Focuses on quality of care and organizations’ compliance with their own values and expectations.

  • A program of Friends Services for the Aging with guidance from an Oversight Committee that includes representatives of all three denominations.

The Peace Church Risk Management Program supports the risk management efforts of aging services providers in the Peace Church Risk Retention Group, the Peace Church Compliance Program and others.

  • Incorporates clinical care, resident safety, facility safety, and marketing messages, along with the quality of relationships with residents and their families.

  • Assessments, staff training, policy development, and on-call support for adverse events.

  • A program of Friends Services for the Aging with guidance from an Oversight Committee that includes representatives of all three denominations.

Visit for more information.


Group Purchasing

Save time and money with MHS Purchasing Services. Through our partnership with CPS, a national procurement organization, MHS members can access cost savings and customer service for much-needed products and services.

CPS offers:

  • Assistance with service issues or vendor conflicts

  • Access to more than 100 vendor agreements

  • Employee programs that allow you to offer new staff benefits at no cost

Check out pricing with these and many other suppliers:

  • Omnicare (pharmaceuticals)

  • Medline (medical supplies)

  • General Electric (appliances)

  • HD Supply (maintenance supplies)

  • McKesson (medical supplies)

  • Direct Supply (healthcare supplies and equipment)

  • Clean Source (maintenance/housekeeping supplies)

To find available vendors thorough CPS, please visit

For more information, contact:

Erica Azarigian, Client Account Manger
Phone - 860-395-4000
Cell - 475-202-2993