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MHS is excited to offer many relevant and inspiring Learning Labs to choose from at Celebrating Resilience.

Check out previews of several of them below.


Thursday, March 8

Leveraging Difference: Benefits of a Multicultural Workplace
Cultural differences are a proven asset to performance. When leaders support and encourage the differences of a multicultural staff, they gain the highest performing teams. It’s important to understand how systems create bias against people of color and learn how you can work toward true inclusion that will result in more effective organizations. In this Learning Lab, discover how you can foster an atmosphere of inclusion at your organization. 

Bruce Campbell-Janz, Executive Director, MCC East Coast and Dina Gonzalez-Pina, Ethnic and Gender Equity Specialist, MCC U.S.       


Essentials of Good Governance  
Explore how to make your board more effective by following a few simple practices.  By learning how to set board agendas, organize annual board work, and recruit new board members, you’ll gain the tools needed for successful governance. This Learning Lab will also discuss the importance of stakeholders and offer tips on how to connect with them in ways that are healthy, productive, and avoid micromanaging.
Donna Duss, Consulting Associate, MHS Consulting


Stronger Together: Thriving Through Consolidation 
With the complexities around the healthcare system, ongoing pressures around reimbursement, and ever-tightening regulatory environments, many organizations are looking to partners in order to better navigate these challenges. For nonprofits specifically, it’s important to understand the alignment of mission and values across partners. Learn how to successfully navigate a consolidation so that both parties can continue to thrive under their mission and vision as a combined organization.
Tom Meyers, Managing Director, Senior Living Finance, Ziegler, and co-presenter TBD


Misconceptions and Millennials: Perspectives, Opportunities & Challenges
Ten percent of the current workforce is made up of millennials, and they will make up half of the global workforce by 2050. They have lots too offer, but are often dismissed because of negative assumptions about Generation Y. In this Learning Lab, we will explore misperceptions surrounding this generation and discuss the positive ways that millennials challenge the status quo, help enhance an organization’s mission and vision, and strengthen relationships across all generations. 
Karen E. Lehman, Consulting Associate, MHS Consulting

Friday, March 9

The Ultimate Balancing Act: Mission vs. Success
Today, your nonprofit faces competitive pressure to keep pace with technology, industry practices, financial acumen and perpetual growth. On top of that, you are still passionate about your organization’s mission and unique work and want to maintain that vision. At this Learning Lab, discover how to balance living out your organization’s values while also advancing professionalism.
Chad Horning, Chief Investment Officer, Everence and Karen E. Lehman, Consulting Associate, MHS Consulting


Keys to a Strong Relationship: Board Chair/Executive 
The relationship between Chief Executive and Board Chair is key to an organizations success, but how can you achieve that effective partnership? In this Learning Lab, we’ll discuss recent research on the subject, while also exploring personal experiences of qualified participants. You’ll gain the knowledge needed to strengthen the partnership between board and executive.
Ann Hershberger, Board Chair, and Ron Byler, Executive Director, MCC U.S.


Benefits Beyond a Paycheck
You’ve heard of tech companies that keep stocked refrigerators at work or allow pets in the office to attract and keep staff. But are these the benefits that really matter? At this Learning Lab, find out what benefits are most desirable to employees, and hear first-hand how one nonprofit reduced employee turnover by instating a few innovative perks.
Carrie Arnold, Chief Human Resources Officer, Sunshine and Christine Scherer, Financial Advisor, Everence


Solutions for Middle Market Senior Housing
Come and discover strategic solutions that could make a middle market senior housing product a reality for your organization. In this Learning Lab, learn how to create a successful middle market senior housing model and how to identify the key success factors for development. We’ll present the latest design parameters and show how to reduce construction costs while maximizing efficiencies. We’ll include product pricing and innovative financing scenarios, putting your organization in a successful position to launch a middle market senior housing product.
Lynn Daly, Managing Director, BB&T, Beverly Asper, Senior Manager, Baker, Tilly, Virchow, Krause, and Craig Kimmel, Partner, Reese, Lower, Patrick & Scott Architects

Saturday, March 10

I’m not Anabaptist: What Do My Co-Workers Believe?
Practically speaking, what does it mean to be Mennonite/Anabaptist? How does that faith affect the workplace? If you work in an Anabaptist organization but aren’t yourself an Anabaptist, then this is the Learning Lab to attend.  Here, you’ll discover how Mennonites and Anabaptists live out their faith, and what that means at the workplace.
Marty Lehman, Administrative Pastor, College Mennonite Church


Assessing Executive Performance and Board Functioning  
Reviewing an executive's performance or assessing the functionality of a board doesn’t need to be difficult or overwhelming tasks.  This Learning Lab will outline step-by-step processes for both of these essential governance functions, providing you with the tools you need to confidently handle your next review.  
LaVern Yutzy, Consulting Associate, MHS Consulting

Photo by:   The Climate Reality Project