Member Tips and Stories

We will share tips and stories from other MHS members on this page.

Tips sent from Jeremy LaKosh at Maple Lawn Homes in Eureka, Illinois.

Socialization Tools

  •  While Facebook was started as an online social platform for millenials, the demographics of the site have changed and the average age of users is now in the 40s.  The site can be used to connect with family members from near and far, chat back and forth about what's going on, and view pictures that people have shared.  Maple Lawn Homes has a Facebook page, which 
  • Google Hangouts- You can connect with family via video with Google Hangouts.  For instructions on how to use Google Hangouts video, please click here.
  • Skype- Skype is another video chat application.  Visit the website to sign up for a free account.
  • ECards- provides and excellent array of online cards perfect for every occasion.  These e-cards are entertaining short videos with customized messages and are delivered through e-mail.

Other Great Websites

  • WebMD- an online medical reference website.
  • Advocate Health eNews- an online news website catering towards health related news.
  • YouTube- a website of billions of videos made by users for users.  Just about any possible topic is covered in YouTube videos.
  • Dennis Kennell, Chaplain at Maple Lawn Homes, has his own YouTube channel that you can view by clicking here.
  • Best Christian Websites- provides a listing of Christian websites for a variety of religious topics.
  • Boatload Puzzles has a great collection of crossword puzzles.
  • Web Sudoku has a ton of sudoku puzzles!