on Leading

Welcome to on Leading - a video podcast series exploring conversations on leading with authenticity with leaders, staff and board members of MHS member organizations, as well as MHS staff.

We hope that through these brief snippets, you'll hear perspectives on leadership that inspire you and connect you with this caring community.

While the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic inspired this undertaking, we know that leading with authenticity is a calling that extends beyond the complexities of this moment.

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on Leading Episodes

Episode 9

on Leading episode 9 features Mim Shirk, President/CEO of Anabaptist Providers Group. She shares stories and lessons learned from her first job at a green house, and she also recognizes two leaders who have positively influenced her in her career. She has a t-shirt that says, "change happens at the edge of your comfort zone."

on Leading with Mim Shirk from Chris Rahe on Vimeo.


Episode 8

on Leading episode 8 features Emerson Lesher, who looks back to his early life where an internship first sparked an interest in aging services and some early leadership opportunities taught him a lot about leading and about himself.

Episode 7

on Leading episode 7 features Amanda Nugent Divine reflecting on her early jobs cleaning houses and teaching aerobics. She also talks about how she was designed by God to alleviate the suffering of other people - which lead her into behavioral health.

Episode 6

Today's episode features Edith Yoder, CEO of Bridge of Hope National. She reflects on working at her uncle's meat market through middle school and high school. She learned to always use her time wisely and to work ahead.


Episode 5

onLeading_2020-06-30_Karen_Lehman from Chris Rahe on Vimeo.

Our fifth episode features our own Karen Lehman, President/CEO at MHS. Listen to her remember her first real job and also her sense of calling to leadership.

Episode 4

Episode 4 of "on Leading" with Jeremy LaKosh, CEO of Maple Lawn Homes from Chris Rahe on Vimeo.

Our fourth episode features Jeremy LaKosh, CEO of Maple Lawn Homes, who shares how he finds peace in the midst of hypervigilance.

Episode 3

on Leading with Edward Brubaker from Chris Rahe on Vimeo.

Episode 2

on Leading with Lowell Peachey from Chris Rahe on Vimeo.


Episode 1

on Leading with Tim Weaver from Chris Rahe on Vimeo.

Tim Weaver is Chaplain at The Community at Rockhill