Medical Expense Program

An approach to affordable employee medical coverage founded on the principles of:

• Good stewardship of resources
• Managing for long-term benefit
• Risk sharing among trusted partners

The Medical Expense Plan (MEP) was developed in the 1980s by member organizations wishing to gain some measure of control over an unpredictable budget item. The MEP is a self-funded qualified church plan through which member organizations form a pool to share risk in offering employee health benefits.


New options for managing employee health care costs

For nearly 30 years, MHS has sponsored the Medical Expense Plan, a self-funded program that encourages member organizations to work together to improve employee health and manage medical expenses.

Since 2005 the aggregate annual rate increases have averaged 5.8%. The Plan is governed by member CEOs who comprise the Governing Council.

Effective January 1, 2013, we now offer three self-funding options. Different capitalization requirements give you a choice in how you participate.

Employer Self-funded - allows a group to manage its own plan, with support from a third-party administrator and use of a reinsurance carrier for stop-loss coverage.

Self-funded Cooperative - allows a group to share risk after each employer pays its own lower level claims. Less upfront capital is required compared to the Self-funded Pooled option. Stop-loss reinsurance provides protection for high claims.

Self-funded Pooled - designed to serve closely related groups, such as church agencies or an industry group. Participants own and manage the plan. The groups share risks and pay claims from a common reserve, funded by upfront capital requirements.

Contact Karl Sommers, Executive Director, MHS Medical Expense Plan to compare the Medical Expense Plan options to your current plan,