We are connected in covenant relationships of mutual accountability and benefit with three denominational partners:

These denominational partnerships are vitally important to the mission of MHS and our members - being part of God's work of healing and hope in Christ Jesus. Through these relationships we seek to collaborate in ministry and witness, practice common core values, and support one another.

In 2013 MHS became an agency of Mennonite Church USA, joining other churchwide agencies: Everence, Mennonite Education Agency, Mennonite Mission Network and Mennonite Publishing Network.

Membership in Anabaptist Denominations

  1. Church of the Brethren (125,964)
  2. Mennonite Church USA (108,000)
  3. Old Order Amish Groups (73,609)
  4. Grace Brethren, Fellowship of (32,046)
  5. Mennonite Brethren (27,507)
  6. Brethren in Christ (20,043)
  7. Old Order Mennonite Groups (16,478)
  8. Church of God in Christ Mennonite (Holdeman) (12,152)
  9. Apostolic Christian Church of America (12,113)
  10. The Brethren Church (10,641)