International Relations Initiative

Many activities still happening in our work with the International Relations Initiative.  The latest, was a webinar presented by Emerson Lesher on his travel to China for the Executive in Residency Program.  If you missed the webinar, click here to listen.


At MHS, we believe we can learn a lot by interacting with Christian colleagues around the world.

That's why we have launched an International Relations Initiative to promote international learning exchanges, partnerships and networking opportunities, with a goal of strengthening organizations that extend God's work of healing and hope in Jesus Christ.

We are initially focusing on two projects:

  1. Mutual learning with China Christian Council about use of technology and new models of institutional and community-based services.
  2. Planning a leaders summit for Mennonite and Brethren in Christ health and human service organizations during the Mennonite World Conference Assembly in July 2015 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

We are looking for organizations and individuals to become Partners in this initiative by pledging $250 or $500 for each of the next three years. Hospital General Menonita, Virginia Mennonite Retirement Community and Landis Communities have already pledged significant support.

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