MHS Staff

Our staff are committed to providing you with excellent service as we work to support and inspire you and your agency in your work. Learn more about who we are and how we can best serve you. 

Karen Lehman, President/CEO
Goshen, Indiana
Alisa Miller, CFO & Managing Director of MHS Consulting
Haymarket, Virginia
Clare Krabill, Chief Operating Officer & Managing Director Medical Expense Plan
Goshen, Indiana
Twila Albrecht, Program Manager 
Goshen, Indiana
Heather Plunkett, Associate 
Norfolk, Virginia
Mim Shirk, President Serving Anabaptist Providers Group
Goshen, Indiana
Chris Rahe, Public Relations Manager
Goshen, Indiana
Jeremy Kauffman, Consultant
Goshen, Indiana

Cynthia Miller, Executive Coordinator
Goshen, Indiana and Augusta, Georgia